A Message from the Friends of Holt Hall

Norfolk County Council’s decision to cease outdoor learning provision at Holt Hall for children and dispose of it on the open market, has not diminished our determination to find a way to continue to provide such experiences for children and young people.

The friends are responding to the current situation which challenges the legacy and future of Environmental and Outdoor Learning at Holt Hall. Holt Hall is now designated, by North Norfolk District Council, as an “Asset of Community Value” or ACV. 

This will give us time to facilitate the creation of a new entity, seek investors, and develop productive partnerships. Working with the local community, with individuals, specialists and those with a passion for the environment will assist us in our goal of establishing a self-sufficient and forward-looking asset for Norfolk.

Friends Membership is open to all who share our aims.

Our Vision is: “Securing the future for Outdoor Learning at Holt Hall”.

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