Crowdfunder project

We need funds to make sure we can do our planning properly, to sound professional standards and independently of other interests.

Our dedicated FoHH trustees and volunteers are by definition unpaid, and there is only so much we can do on this basis. We are proud of how far we have come.

To have the best chance of success we are drawing on the advice of successful community projects elsewhere but we need dedicated and paid help to develop robust plans, proposals to Norfolk County Council and a cover a range of fees.

In the longer term we need funding to adapt our mission to help children and young people access outstanding outdoor, environmental and green revolution experiences in Norfolk and our region.

With your help we can take this to the next stage!

Donations will enable us to develop our plans so we can make credible and attractive proposals to Norfolk County Council.  We know we shall be competing with others who may have ambitions that are much less focused on the community and the widest accessibility.  But the other people in the race don’t have the wonderful support and goodwill that we do. So please donate and please spread the word.

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