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The final decision by NCC to sell Holt Hall presented the Friends of Holt Hall with both an opportunity and a substantial challenge. Your support has helped to ease the pain for the staff, for whom the Centre was much more than just a job. Our passion for supporting environmental and outdoor learning for Norfolk’s children remains strong, again boosted by the financial and supportive generosity of very many people. I hope that the attached newsletter, will give you a flavour of where we are. Towards the end of over a year of intense consultation, research and conversations with possible partners, the next few weeks will be critical as the FOHH Trustees use what leverage we have to reiterate the case to NCC to adopt a Holt Hall solution which enables both a satisfactory sale but also leads to better meeting such challenges as children’s well-being, nature awareness and a better understanding of climate change.

Very best wishes


Chairman Friends of Holt Hall

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