Support EOL

The vision the Friends of Holt Hall has been to continue the legacy of high quality provision of outdoor and environmental experience at Holt Hall over 70 years, led by experts and open to all. Our aim as a charity remains to assist in developing well-being and resilience, particularly to equip children and young people facing the unique challenges of the moment.

Now that Holt Hall has been sold and the Environmental Studies Centre work is a thing of the past, we have ceased fundraising. As we are in the process of transferring the funds we raised to charities who have aims compatible with FOHH, anyone wishing to help EOL in Norfolk may wish to support the work of any of the five charities we are supporting at the moment.

How Hill Trust (Registered Charity 289171)

Norfolk Wildlife Trust (Registered Charity 208734)

Horstead Centre (Registered Charity 303986)

Whitwell Hall Country Centre Ltd (Registered Charity 311119)

Holt Youth Project (Registered Charity 1128752 p)

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