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Patrick Barkham is the author of Wild Child and a Guardian writer. He lives in Norfolk with his family.

“Holt Hall is a fantastic resource for children of all backgrounds at a time when outdoor education is more vital than ever. We must save this special place for our children, grandchildren and future generations. The only way we can save it is by doing it ourselves – with the Friends of Holt Hall. I remember a lovely camp at Holt Hall as a child. If everyone who has ever enjoyed Holt Hall is able to make a small donation, we can secure it for the community, for ever.”
Nick Acheson is a lifelong naturalist, who is ardently committed to the conservation of the natural world. He grew up in North Norfolk, and has returned to his roots after more than a decade spent working around the world. He writes, speaks and teaches about nature conservation, working closely with Norfolk Wildlife Trust and other NGOs.

‘We evolved in wild landscapes and a vast body of research indicates that we are healthiest when in contact with them. The best outdoor learning gives young people (and older people too) their birthright of a relationship with nature, while instilling a love of wild places and a drive to stand up for them. Outdoor learning has never been more important, for both people and wildlife, and it is vital that Holt Hall continues to deliver high quality opportunities for people to connect with the natural world.’
The widow of the late Professor Peter Sinclair, who sadly died of Covid 19 last March, has made a donation £500 to securing a future for outdoor learning at Holt Hall in his memory.  As an economist Peter strongly believed in investing in the future of the next generation.

As a local boy he knew Holt Hall well and would, had he lived, have put his knowledge and experience behind this vital project to secure a future centre of environmental education and excellence for Norfolk.

We are very honoured by his interest in the causes we hold so dear, and so very grateful to his widow for this gift in his memory.

Peter Sinclair taught at Oxford from 1970 to 1994 mainly in economic theory, monetary policy and international economics, as fellow and tutor in Economics at Brasenose College.  In 1994 he became Professor of Economics at the University of Birmingham. He retired in 2012, but continued teaching as an Emeritus Professor until his illness and death in March 2020.  He taught on international trade policy and macro-economics and in 2000 became Director of the Bank of England’s Centre for Central Banking Studies.

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