Testimonials and Memories

We love to hear your stories and testimonials about your experience of going to Holt Hall whether this be in recent years or in the past. This will become a growing and great collection of stories and memories. If you have photos of the hall you would like to share with your memories let us know and we will add them to your memory. All you need to do to share your memories, comments or testimonials is to fill in our contact form.

“I have such great memories of going here when i was in Primary school helped me develop many skills from social to also understanding the responsibilities you face when not with your parents.”

“I had a fantastic week here in about 1983 and my brother did in the 1970s. Such a great place for children to be outdoors doing archery, canoeing etc.”

A heartfelt huge thanks you to you and all your staff: we had the best residential ever! The food, programme, teaching, learning….and food were all second to none!The children haven’t stopped talking about their experience.”

“I read about Norfolk County Council selling Holt Hall and I was very angry that the council were spending huge amounts of money on the NDR which if built would go through a special area of conservation and through woodland where the very rare Barbastelle bats have a colony. This is not giving young people a good impression. They have had to put up with so much in the last year and Holt Hall is just the place where they can enjoy the outdoors and nature after a very difficult time.”

“I’ve been to many educational and entertaining events at this lovely venue and I’d like schools, groups, other families and children to be able to have access in the future.”

“As a teacher and Headteacher I took children on many outdoor activity weeks. The learning involved in such an experience is invaluable for primary school children, not only environmentally but socially and emotionally as well. Children develop their understanding of and empathy for the natural world and gain independence from
being away from home. It’s vital that Norfolk retains Holt Hall as a learning resource”

“Spent my last year of secondary schooling 1971/72 at Holt Hall, a huge step for a 14yr.old and the first time away from home, but with such surroundings, excellent teachings, created a sense of belonging. I ran away for two days but only to win a bet. I blame the excellent teachings of outward bound activities! The whole experience of Holt Hall has left a life long impression on myself and others I know attended there, to close it would be a tragedy.” Richard Binder

“I went twice as a boy and loved it! I can still remember that big fireplace.”

“I stayed at Holt Hall in 1982 for a week. It was one of the happiest times in my childhood. Still have the ‘programme’ of the week, signed by other attendees. It’s a brilliant place, other children should have this opportunity. Keep it open!”

“Children with low self-esteem and/or anger management have benefitted from group work and adventurous learning. Great to have home cooked food and fresh produce. A fantastic visit – everyone is helpful, friendly and relaxed.”

“Young people deserve this outdoor learning centre after all they have put up with.”

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